Monday, November 21, 2022

Marvel Reread Club Episode 45: October 1964, Part 2

MRC cannot interfere with the second half of October 1964, featuring Strange Tales #125 with Human Torch and Doctor Strange, Tales of Suspense #58 with Iron Man and the Watcher, Tales to Astonish #60 with Giant-Man and the Hulk, and Avengers #9. The U-Car! The jungles of the Himalayas! President Johnson’s favorite motto! Commie Gorillas! The ludicrously easy to capture Wasp! Check it out!

And, finally, another page of terribly off-center printing:

Monday, November 14, 2022

Marvel Reread Club Episode 44: October 1964, Part 1

MRC falls under the sway of October, 1964, with Amazing Spider-Man #17, Daredevil #4, Fantastic Four #31 and Journey Into Mystery #109, starring Thor! Frog bombs! Boomerangs with tape recorders inside of them! More criminal family members! Submarines disguised as trees! Check it out!
And here's an example of how atrociously most of the issues were printed this month:

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

1964 Annuals with Very Special Guest Steve Buche

Welcome to the very first post of the brand-new! The Marvel Reread Club Podcast used to be hosted by, but we’ve moved those 41 episodes over to this new blog. We’ll still be featured in the sidebar over there, but that link will lead you here.

And boy oh boy do we have a big-deal post to launch the new site! We’re focusing on just two episodes in this podcast, but there’s two of Marvel’s very best single-issues: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 and Fantastic Four Annual #2, so we figured it would be fun to invite a very big special guest on to discuss them. Steve Bunche (who goes by Bunche) was at Marvel and DC for many years and met and/or got to know a ton of the people we discuss on this podcast, and he’s ready to dish! Bunche is a ton of fun, loves these issues, and really knows the inside dope.

You can find Bunche these days at these places:
And get his books!

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