Monday, July 31, 2023

Marvel Reread Club Episode 68: October, 1965, Part 1

MRC dives into October 1965 with Amazing Spider-Man #29, Daredevil #10, Fantastic Four #43 and Journey into Mystery featuring Thor #121. Aw, shuddup! The most contentious Marvel Comic ever! Id takeout! Cliffhanger-o-rama! Check it out!

Monday, July 17, 2023

Marvel Reread Club Episode 67: September, 1965, Part 2

MRC finishes up September 1965 with Tales of Suspense #69 with Iron Man and Captain America, Tales to Astonish #71 with Namor and Thor, X-Men #13 and Avengers #20. A 2nd Kirby-pocalypse! More underwater crying! Awkward mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! Brightness! Wood fails to save Heck! Check it out!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Marvel Reread Club Episode 66: September, 1965, Part 1

MRC espies the first half of September 1965 with Amazing Spider-Man #28, Fantastic Four #42, Journey Into Mystery #120 and Strange Tales #136 with SHIELD and Dr. Strange. Real time! Hair that can see around corners! Disloyal patients! Terrible tradecraft! Especially splayed fingers! Check it out!

Marvel Reread Club Episode 84: May, 1966, Part 2

Steve and Matt Bird · 084 Marvel Reread Club May 1966 (part 2) MRC finishes up May 1966 with Fantastic Four #50, Strange Tales #144 with S...