Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Marvel Reread Club Episode 1: November 1961!

Hey, everybody, big news! Today marks the debut of my second podcast! (Don’t worry, the “Secrets of Story Podcast” will continue unabated, but it will now share space with this one.)

My wife has two podcasts, one of which is with her sister, and I’m following in her footsteps, because this second podcast is with my brother Steve!  He was an inker for DC Comics for many years and literally knows the comics world inside and out.  

“Marvel Reread Club” will consist of us rereading every single Marvel superhero comic, starting with the beginning of the Marvel Age, one month at a time, and having fun discussing them. Most episodes will feature multiple comics, but for this first episode, we’ll just discuss the only Marvel comic to come out in November, 1961: Fantastic Four #1!

How should one listen to this podcast? We’re hoping to make it enjoyable whether or not you’ve read these comics. Have we succeeded? That’s up to you to answer! If you do want to read along, then get yourself a Marvel Unlimited subscription. Fair warning: This podcast is certainly more niche than “The Secrets of Story”. If this topic doesn’t interest you, just ignore these posts and I promise I’ll still give you lots of other content on this blog.

We hope you like it! We’re still finding our footing, and will continue to do so. Unlike my other podcast, which is on a monthly-or-so schedule, we will actually be releasing this one weekly, at least for a while, every Wednesday (aka, New Comics Day!) We’ve got two more episodes in the can for the next two weeks!

We may spin off into our own website eventually, but for now we’re just going to squeeze ourselves in with the other content on After all, a lot of story secrets will be discussed!

Okay, folks, give it a listen if you’re interested and let us know what you think!

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